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Black Friday sees surge in online spending but more people shop in store

Consumers still spend more in store than online on Black Friday, according to research carried out by AIB.

Analysing the card usage habits of shoppers on Black Friday 2018, the spending data revealed that 69% of consumers shopping on the day procured their goods in store with the remaining 31% shopping online.

However, the data points to a big surge in online spending on Black Friday.

Online spend was up 216% on Black Friday 2018 compared to the previous Friday, the study found.

In store spending was up 46% on the same timeline.

The items most commonly purchased on Black Friday are electrical goods, jewellery and clothing.

Consumers spent an average of €174 on electrical goods with consumers in Sligo spending the most at €218.

Tipperary residents spent the most on jewellery (€118) while shoppers in Monaghan spent the most on clothing (€70).

As well as using cards, there has been a surge in recent years in the use of digital wallets.

“More shoppers are using Apple, Google or FitBit Pay to carry out their transactions. This year we have seen a trend in consumers using their digital wallets more as they reach for their phone over their card,” Fergal Coburn, Chief Digital & Innovation Officer with AIB said.

“Apple, Fitbit and Google Pay, which are all available with an AIB current account, allow shoppers to spend up to €5,000 with a simple tap of their device. These accounted for 4% of all transactions last Black Friday and is expected to increase this year.”

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