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Another 283,000 people apply for Covid-19 emergency income payment

The Minister for Employment Affairs and Social Protection has said that by close of business on Friday, another 283,000 people had applied for the Covid-19 emergency income payment from the Department of Social Protection.

Speaking on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland, Regina Doherty also said that some 16,000 plus companies had applied for the wage subsidy scheme. 

“Lots of people thankfully are using income support”, the Minister said.

But she said that a lot of those people would not have even thought about income support because they were not on the restricted list until Friday night. 

“We expect to have a significant draw again this week based on the companies that have closed down,” she added. 

Ms Doherty encouraged companies to look at the wage subsidy scheme and try to keep as many employees on their books as they possibly can. 

Employers who have been affected or likely will be affected by a 25% decline in turnover are being asked to self declare to the Revenue Commissioners, she said. 

“Reaching that 25% isn’t going to be a difficulty because in some or all cases, their business has all but ceased,” the Minister said. 

Ms Doherty also said that what we are doing, in terms of social distancing, is working, and that that “should make us do it twice as hard”.

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